Top 20 TV series that became classics of the 2000s

If you are somehow still not convinced that the TV genre can survive in the 21st century, then today we have a guest post for you. If you are not convinced that there are enough original shows for everyone to enjoy, then read on. A source:Treme, season oneThe film adaptation of the French film about the colonial adventures of Pierre Louis de Tocqueville, directed by Jean-Marc Barrom, is a masterpiece of the cinema. The main characters meet at the beginning of the film, they have a daughter, have a son-in-law and a grandson. The father is a powerful official, has a stable job and a house, a car and a world-famous reputation. He decides to relax for a while. Then he gathers together a group of friends for a romantic dinner, but one of the members is arrested. In the nightmare world of the film, the official is tortured, the house is broken into, and the heroes have nowhere to go: they are separated, and the nightmare ends with a whimper. TV series: "Breaking Bad", "Better Call Saul", "Vampire Diaries"And yes, those series… The audience was not satisfied with the amount of original content. There were a lot of repeats, even a lot of classics. We will highlight some TV series that became very popular in the 2000s. "Breaking Bad", "Better Call Saul", "Vampire Diaries". "Breaking Bad", AMC. Breaking Bad, AMC. Season oneThe film follows Walter White, a former police officer turned DEA agent, as he tries to solve a case that goes far beyond his capabilities. He has been left without a job for almost 10 years. In order not to get caught, he spent several years moving around the country, doing nothing and lying to the FBI. So he can afford to be a free man. But he is not happy when he learns that his former colleagues did not find any leads, and the investigation is being abandoned. Meanwhile, in another country, Walter has a craving for legal advice marina D'Angelo, and after receiving it, goes to Tocqueville to ask to speak to a lawyer of his choosing. Season two repeats the same basic structure, only now it's not quite like "Breaking Bad". Walter starts working in the United States as an illegal immigrant, but he is not allowed to stay in the country because of a visa restriction. He is lucky that he is allowed to enter the country, because the legal process he needs to go through, while still in Russia. For approval, he must first take an exam in the Embassy, and then he will be allowed to stay permanently. But in the meantime, he has accumulated a large collection of documents that will allow him to make a German birth certificate and make other documents with a German name. And